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What Is Selfie WRLD Xtreme?

What Is Selfie WRLD Xtreme?


It’s time to get your selfie game on! If you have been looking for a fun, interactive way to create Instagram-worthy photos, Selfie WRLD Xtreme is here!


Selfie WRLD Xtreme is the perfect way to spend the day with friends, family, or yourself(ie). Our creative exhibits make our Orlando selfie museum a unique experience. Stop by The Florida Mall to explore your best angles with rainbow, glitter, florals and more! With so many themed-rooms, you’ll find the perfect one to fit your vibe. Book your next photoshoot online today!


With over 20 themed booths and ring light stands to ensure best lighting, Selfie WRLD Xtreme is an interactive museum dedicated to the art of the selfie.


Fun For Everyone


Selfie Wrld Xtreme is fun for everyone – friends, family, and partners. Also, it’s an opportunity to brush up on those social media skills. It’s also a perfect way to spend some quality time with loved ones, whether it be a date, an evening with friends or a family outing.


From a simple retro photo booth to elaborate faux airplane seats, there’ll be a backdrop for all your photography moods. Neon signs with sassy phrases like “Out of your league” and “First class” also deck many of the booths, along with a classic red washer + dryer. Themed booths are planned to pop up around holidays and major city events.


Tips For Visiting Selfie WRLD Xtreme


Sign up for a time slot + buy your tickets online.
Bring your smartphone (and maybe a few outfits).
Arrive 15 minutes early to allow for check-in.
Leave bulky stuff like coats and bags in the car.


The Selfie WRLD Franchise


Selfie WRLD is the #1 trending selfie museum in the country. This is an interactive experience with locations in major cities across the country. Our owner Nina Koehler describes Selfie WRLD as a “high-end photography studio that’s open to the public.” Visitors will enjoy 30+ photo installations complete with props, great lighting, and changing rooms (for all those outfit changes).