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A Short History Of The Selfie

The phrase “history of the selfie” is now deeply intertwined with our modern fixation on self-portraits. A selfie fundamentally represents a self-captured picture, typically taken using a mirror or a camera held at arm’s length. Discover the historical backdrop of self-portraits, tracing their roots and charting their meteoric rise in popularity. All thanks to the digital age and social media platforms like Facebook.

The History Of The Selfie

While learning about the history of the selfie, we need to know that the term “selfie” has recently surged in popularity, and the concept of self-portraiture precedes the digital revolution. Well before the start of smartphones and the era of social media, early photographers were already experimenting with self-portraits. A remarkable illustration of this is seen in the work of American photographer Robert Cornelius. In 1839, he produced a self-portrait daguerreotype, employing a pioneering photographic technique of that era. This particular image holds the distinction of being one of the earliest human photographic depictions.

Anastasia Nikolaevna’s Selfie

In the year 1914, a young Russian Grand Duchess by the name of Anastasia Nikolaevna utilized a Kodak Brownie box camera, an invention from 1900, to create a self-portrait. She sent this photographic creation to a friend, highlighting the challenges she encountered as her hands trembled during the process. This occurrence stands out as one of the earliest-known teenage selfies.

Australia’s Notable Contribution To The Modern Selfie

Australia can claim to have an important role in the creation of the modern selfie. In September 2001, a group of Australians etched their names in history by establishing a website where they uploaded pioneering digital self-portraits to the worldwide web. The actual term “selfie” made its first appearance on September 13, 2002. An anonymous contributor posted a self-portrait on an Australian online forum, specifically on ABC Online.

Lester Wisbrod: Trailblazer Of Celebrity Self-Portraits

Lester Wisbrod, a seasoned cameraman from Hollywood, takes credit for pioneering the phenomenon of celebrity selfies. As early as 1981, he was capturing self-captured images featuring himself and celebrities together. This pioneering effort played a significant role in shaping the subsequent trend of celebrity selfies.

The More You Know

The “history of the selfie” provides an exciting journey through time, spanning the early days of photography to the modern digital age. The term “selfie” has woven itself into the fabric of our culture, offering valuable insights into our ever-evolving relationship with self-representation. Whether you are excited by the historical story or a connoisseur of celebrity selfies, the selfie remains an influential phenomenon that continues to shape our world.